It's the Little Achievements that Matter

2016-10-12 09:16:30 by Matilda-Husband

"Caress Your Soul"

I am only 17 so I can't say that I have many years of wisdom to impart on you, but I can say getting out of your comfort zone is really important in furthuring your skills. When designing this piece I was tempted to keep it like my traditional drawings, however I decided to push myself with more pops of unusual colours and clean shading. It turns out a really love hpw it turned out and I feel like I have really acomplished something today. I know I may look at this in a few years time and think "wow thats's so shit, why was I proud of that?" but for now I will just try and remeber the great feeling I have currently and how proud I am of my work. 

Matilda x 5525605_147627775323_NGZombie.jpg